VTF is excited to announce an upcoming event in the heart of Paris, dedicated to the release of "JGS", a font crafted by Adel Faure for text-based art.

⟿ Rendez-vous on May 30, 19:30 at la Générale, 39 rue Gassendi, Paris 14.

The evening will kick off with an introduction by the VTF members. Come to meet, eat, drink and share!

Amazing workshops by VTF

We organise free workshops based on cool topics. They take place mostly in Paris, but if you want to invite us abroad, do not hesitate to contact us, we love to travel, to speak our French-English and to meet new people.

Organizing workshops is part of our DNA. As we try to have a pedagogic role, sometimes we need to leave our screens for a bit and try some flesh pedagogy and democracy…

To have an overview of all our teaching / workshoping and talk experiences, please visit our history page.

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