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Degheest Family

Ce contenu existe en Français

In March 2022, Velvetyne welcomes a new author, Ange Degheest (1928-2009), and distributes several revivals of her typefaces, redesigned and completed by students from EESAB — Rennes and their teacher.

The six new families, some of which are made up of several styles, are :

All these typefaces allow us to retrace the career of Ange Degheest, a Breton forgotten female typographer like many other female-colleagues, whose history bears witness to the typographic vitality of the 20th century, to the variety of its applications, its techniques and its tools.

In conjunction with the distribution of these six typeface families, Poem, the German publishing house headed by Jérôme Knebusch, publishes a new pamphlet in English on the rediscovery of this exemplary work, which is an opportunity for Alice Savoie to address the invisibilisation of women and their role in typographic production and creation.

To find out more, we strongly advise you to get it on Poem website ! 

Here is also the web page dedicated to the project, developed by Eugénie Bidaut.