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Since its creation in early 2010, Velvetyne Type Foundry remains an independent organisation using the energy of its members as a fuel.With this fuel, we regularly publish new fonts, we organize free workshops at least once a year and we update our website and our existing fonts, for 7 years now. If you like our fonts and our activities, and if you think that what we do is important, please consider donating to our non-profit organisation.

Your donations will allow us to continue distributing new quality open-source fonts and improving our existing catalogue by redrawing our old fonts, adding characters to their character sets or creating new weights.

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Let’s see how much you can donate

  • 5 $/€
    Yau are nice, you want to pay us a beer, thanks! Have you seen our fonts?
  • 50 $/€
    You use one of our font from time to time and you want to pay us a tribute.
  • 200 $/€
    One of our fonts is the cornerstone of the identity of your brand / company / organisation. You need us.
  • 500 $/€
    You follow our project for several years and you want to sugnificantly support us. Or you just use several of our fonts on a regular basis.
  • 1000 $/€
    Wow, you should need a big tax exemption! Thanks anyway, pal.

As we are a non-profit organization, you can have a tax exemption on your donation, depending the law of your country. If you need it, send us an e-mail and we-ll make a donation proof. Any donation at least equal to 200 $/€ will receive some of our random and exclusive goodies as a thank you.

Hall of fame

We publish here the name of all our godfathers who gave us at least 50 $/€. Keep on, guys, we won’t do it without you.